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Situs Dadu Online Resmi -Sicbo which has been an assimilation of the word six ball (ball with 6 sides = Dice) is a very legendary game in Indonesia. This game is widely known by various names ranging from Sicbo, Sam kwan or da xiao is a game that was originally found in mainland China. This game is famous by one of the popular casino bankers named Stanley Ho (Ho Hung-sun = ) . The world’s official gambling body officially recognizes this as Grand Hazard. This game spread to areas of the United States which made new names with Big or Small, Online Dice and many more.

The History of Sicbo Dice Game in Indonesia

This game was first played by ethnic Chinese descent in North Sumatra in the early 1980s. Dadu Online Resmi game did not take long to develop rapidly in Indonesia. This simple game is played using 3 dice that are shaken or rotated using a shuffle machine. The winner of the sic bo game is the one who can guess the dice numbers correctly. This game began to be played in several official casinos during the New Order era. As additional information, the game of sicbo is the most popular game in precarious casinos in neighboring countries. Along with the development of technology, this game is also presented online by online gambling sites in Indonesia. However, choosing a trusted site is not easy.

Sicbo Game in Casino


The History of Sicbo Dice Game in Indonesia

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The history of the sicbo dice game will be discussed on this occasion. Dice is a fun game, isn’t it? When you were a child, of course you often played dice, not to gamble, but there are some small children’s games that use dice such as snakes and ladders, UNO, and other games.

The dice game in gambling is also very interesting, almost all online gambling players, must have tried this game. In addition to making a lot of money, this dice game is included in a unique game, so of course it will invite players to try this game.


History of Sicbo Dice Game

Sicbo or Dadu Online Game was first discovered in Europe, which was later developed in China using three dice. This game is not more often played by traders, who eventually travel to other countries and introduce this dice game.

This dice game has been introduced since the days of the ancient kings, the game was first introduced as a king’s entertainer, which over time, the game entered into a gambling game.

This dice game, which we now know as Sicbo, is more popular in the online era. If you have ever played at Sbobet Casino, of course you have come across this dice game.

How to Play Sicbo


The basic rule of this game is that there are 6 sides of numbers, ranging from numbers 1 to 6. Big and Small, you are required to choose between two options, big is for the number of three dice above 9, and small is for the sum of three dice is below 9.

Number Pairs, you can put numbers between 1 to 6, if there are dice that come out the same, then the dealer will pay multiples. You are required to guess two or more different numbers. While the pair of twins is a pair for all three dice that come out with the same number. This pair of twins is a jackpot pair, because a big payout awaits you if the dice come out twins.

From the way of playing above, for large, small, odd, even and number pairs, using a one-to-one pay system, while cross-pairs and twins are multiples. That’s the history and how to play dice, hopefully this information is very helpful for those of you who want to try playing Sicbo. Don’t forget to visit other gambling sites, thank you.

Popular gambling dice games to play
Today, craps has made its way to the best mobile casinos. The most popular dice games include:

Nonsense: Craps is without a doubt the ‘king’ of dice games in casinos. While the game can be overwhelming for beginners, it is easy to master. In this game, the shooter rolls and rolls two dice with the player betting on the number the cube will land on. But first, be sure to learn how popular dice bets are like pass/fail and come/no luck.
Sic Bo: Sic Bo is another fun dice game in online casinos. The game traces its origins in Asia and is currently widespread in Las Vegas casinos. Sic Bo is very similar to dice, only this time the shooter will roll three cubes instead of two. Also, betting options are different in Sic Bo, with big and small bets being the most popular.
Klondike: Have you heard of this casino game before? Well, Klondike uses five dice. The dealer rolls the dice first before the player rolls to get a higher combination. Players can predict their reel combo to be higher or lower than the dealer.

Remember that a draw is a win for the casino.


This is another gambling dice game that is not as common mainly because it is played in smaller casinos. But don’t be fooled; This game is entertaining and straightforward. Three dice are placed inside a giant rotating hourglass. Then, players place number bets, high bets, low bets, field bets, and jackpot bets. Don’t worry though, because this bet is easy to master. It’s even the best dice game to play at home over the weekend with your friends.

Banca Francesca:

This gambling game is very similar to baccarat. The rules of the game are quite easy. Players place their chips in one of three betting areas; big (14-16), small (5-6), and ace (three dice to roll one). Big and small bets have a payout ratio of 1:1, with aces paying at 61:1. With a house advantage of around 1.5%, this is one of those unique games to play.